Start, Drive & Thrive Training Service

If online course learning isn’t your jam, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Even though we have an impressive course library, I thoroughly enjoy teaching people in a 1:1 or workshop setting. Like you, I like being able to connect with my instructors and getting answers to my questions right then and there.

Starting your business from scratch or growing your side hustle can be a daunting task. I know because I’ve been there and realize how frustrating it can be, but you have the unique opportunity to avoid my experience.

Starengu’s virtual and in person workshops are customized to suit the needs of your company or group. We focus on learning about your company and goals so we can provide you with the essential information you will need to elevate your business. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.

You have waited long enough to achieve your goals, so if you like what you hear then fill out the form so we can get started.


If you're still on the fence about whether to take the next step, I want you to go through this list in order to determine if these are skills that you wish to acquire:

  • Learn how to install/customize a WordPress website
  • You have a desire to brand, design and promote likeaboss, but not sure how to accomplish this feat
  • Discover ways in how to create compelling and engaging content
  • You're looking for ways in how to effectively grow your list
  • Determine how to analyze your marketing campaign 
  • You're interested in learning ways to monetize your blog 

If you found yourself saying 'yes' to everything, then keep reading so you can discover more about our curriculum.


Regardless of whether you prefer a 1:1 consultation or  workshop (in-person or virtual), we can customize a program that will suit your needs. Based on your preferences, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to conduct market research before you invest in your brand
  • Build your own WordPress website
  • Develop your brand and design 
  • Acquire the skills you need to create videos
  • Create compelling SEO friendly content 
  • Determine which social networks are best for your business
  • Discover ways to grow your email list, sites you can use to search for content, social updates and how to search for leads
  • Learn ways to monetize your site and launch your own course 
  • Create a 90 day marketing calendar 
  • Determine the do's and dont's of automating your marketing campagin 
  • How to analyze the success of your marketing campaign 

Once you determine the skills you wish to learn, we will create a marketing briefcase. This briefcase is going to contain essentials items that you will need for your online journey.

What's in your marketing briefcase?

Your preference (consultation or workshop) will determine the format and type of materials that you can expect to "pack" in your marketing briefcase.

  • Strategy session calls (in person or video conferencing)
  • Customized workbook, templates and checklists
  • Customized marketing campaign blueprint 

Your preference (consultation or workshop) will determine the format and type of materials that you can expect to "pack" in your marketing briefcase.

Since you made it this far, I think it's a safe bet that we should connect! Please complete the form below so we can get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

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