It’s time to break free from the hive.

Below is a suite of courses that will help you get up to speed in starting your own online business. Choose the course(s) that will help you acquire the skills you need.

Master Your Niche

Launching a business requires taking a leap of faith. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that it wasn’t in vain?

In Master Your Niche, you will discover the techniques and tools you need to connect and engage with your audience on a shoestring budget. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to perfect your ability to connect with market research.

Price: $50

Podcasting Essentials

Sometimes it’s easier (and faster) to speak your message than it is to say it.  Learn how to create your very own podcast even if you’re not tech savvy.

Price: $25

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Starengu's Content Bundle

Starengu's Podcast

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