Starengu’s Podcast Episode 5 | Kamali Thompson

By Tosha Johnson | Podcast

Starengu's podcast with Kamali Thompson

Kamali Thompson is a third-year med student studying to become an orthopedic sports surgeon. What makes this feat even more impressive is that she is doing this while pursuing her dream of making the 2020 US Olympic fencing team.

Kamali started her blog, Kamali, to document her fencing experience as well her travels around the world. She got into fencing because her mom thought it was a unique activity and that it would help her get into college. Once she started taking classes, Kamali discovered that she enjoyed fencing. Her hard work and determination enabled her to become a National champion.

Kamali uses her blog to share her experiences in fencing and fitness. Her goal is to help others avoid experiencing the hardships that she had to find out the hard way.

As you can imagine, she has plenty of advice to help us stay in shape.  Kamali enjoys helping others and welcome any questions you make have.


Blog: Kamali Thompson

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