Starengu's Podcast Episode 2 - Nicole Butler, Budget Like a Lady

In today’s podcast, we have Nicole Butler from Budget Like A Lady. Her blog is dedicated to helping women balance their life and money.

Nicole has a degree in structural engineering and an MBA in finance. She decided to start her blog because she was getting a lot of financial questions from friends and family. Through her experiences and research, she discovered that there was a lack of financial literacy and it was her desire to educate the community.

Through her blog, Budget Like A Lady, Nicole desires to demystify and provide resources to help others in their quest to improve their finances.

Nicole wants her readers to know that she is just like them. “We are all in this together. I’m out here living my financial life just like [everyone] else. I’m out here making mistakes and figuring it out.”

Learn more about Nicole, her blog and get the motivation that you need to get out of debt.


Blog: BudgetLikeaLady

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