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Thanks to your ridiculously awesome content, no one wants to leave your website. You’ve captured your audience’s attention. Learn how you can stay motivated and keep the momentum going by creating your own online course.

Cheers to Your Courcess

People are constantly looking for ways to monetize their website. The first thing you will hear is that you should look into signing up for Google Adwords or becoming an affiliate for (insert product). Please know that I’m NOT knocking any of these methods. If they work for you keep on doing you!

However, I know that for me none of these options were going to monetize my blog the way I wanted. I detest Google Adwords. I knew affiliate marketing alone was not going to pay the bills. Plus, I would never consider becoming an affiliate for a product unless it was something that I found to be beneficial.

Sadly, there aren’t many products that evoke this type of emotion, so clearly basing my ability to monetize my website solely by affiliate marketing was not going to work for me. Plus, that product better be freakin’ phenomenal because I’ve never been a huge fan of encouraging people to click away from my site.

Starengu Cheers to your Courcess-Learn how to create your own online course

Therefore, I needed an alternative way to monetize my website. What is it you ask? Drumroll please…I decided to create my own online courses! Everyone has a talent. Trust me; you are not an exception to this rule. You possess enough knowledge about a topic that can be used to create a course. 

I’m here to give you that friendly push to pursue this as an additional revenue stream to help monetize your site. You can and will create a product that will not only make you proud, but help out other folks along the way. I’m confident that you are going to rock so, Cheers to your Courcess!

Vibrant Monetization Vibes

“Do what you love and the money will follow.” There’s nothing wrong with this statement (I love it too!), but you also need to make sure that you’re putting yourself in a position that will allow this to happen. Is your content game on point? Are you providing valuable content and sharing it in the right places? Are you participating in various online and offline activities that will place you in an even greater position to increase your revenue?

If you can’t confidently answer ‘yes’ to these questions, no worries because I’ve got you! This course is designed to provide you with a variety of options to help you diversify your income. 

Vibrant Monetization Vibes


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