IT'S TIME TO DRIVE 

You built your website. It's time to celebrate!

Enjoy your moment because you deserve it! Now lets take time to channel your energy into showing off your skills (aka the real reasons you went into business).

How are you going to lure people to your site? Learn how to create mind blowing content that will keep your audience engaged so they never want to leave your site.


A lot of people get sucked into focusing their attention on how many likes or followers their brand has accumulated. Even though these play a role in your business, the power to convert your audience into paying customers (emphasis on paying) will ALWAYS lie within your email list.


Your emails allow you the opportunity to further develop your relationship with your audience. So how do you encourage folks to sign up for your list? Discover all the ways to kick off the conversation in this course.  

Email, Social Media and Content Marketing

Vibrant Video Vibes

​"If you build it they will come," is advice that only works in the movies. In the real world, savvy business owners are all too familiar with the fact that customers aren't going to "magically" appear. So what are you going to do to attract them to your site?

Obviously, your content game has got to be on point, but what format should you incorporate into your marketing mix? The format that is getting the most attention is video. Advertisers are increasing their budgets due to the anticipation that video content consumption will continue to increase.

When you create your business, you definitely need to incorporate video into your mix. I'm sure some you reading this may be thinking, " I don't know how." Well, you're in the right place! This course is going to teach you how to create your own videos. The techniques that you learn from this course will enable you to make quality videos which will help promote your brand.

Starengu Vibrant Video Vibes

Automation Domination

There’s only 24 hours in a day. Sometimes this doesn’t seem to be enough. We all have the same amount of time. So, why are some people more productive than others? That’s because these folks mastered the art of knowing what and when to delegate.

This ability especially comes in handy when you own a business, because there are a lot of tasks that need to be performed (i.e. administrative, accounting, etc.) but they don’t necessarily have to be done by you.

One of the main ways to be successful in business is to know your limitations. Anything that is going to take you away from the REAL reasons why you went into business needs to be automated or delegated.

Discover best practices in how to reduce your outsourcing costs by using automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier. You’re thisclose to building your own dream team. It’s time to step up your automation game!

Starengu Automation Domination


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