80 Time Saving Tools to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Many people will state that they never started blogging because they think it will be too time consuming. Blogging can be time consuming if you don’t have the right processes and tools in place to help you stay organized. Below is a list of websites and tools that you can use to help you decrease the time it takes for you launch and connect with your audience. This list is divided up into the following sections:

  • Inspiration for Blog Topics
  • SEO 
  • Domains
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Brand & Design
  • Social Networking Tools 
  • Ways to Monetize Your Site
  • Productivity

Inspiration for Blog Topics

1.) Buzzsumo: Discover what type of content is more engaging for your niche.2.) AllTop: All the top headlines from popular topics around the web.3.) Blogluvin: A large category of blogs.4.) Medium: Another great place to check out new blogs 

80 Time Saving Tools to Help You Increase Your Productivity


1.) Google Keyword Ad Planner: This is a free Google tool that you can use to help you identify how competitive the keywords you are trying to optimize your site.2.) Hashtagify and Ritetag: A great search engine for Hashtags

3.) Ahrefs: This is definitely more robust than Google.​ There are ​a ton of useful features that will help you to determine not only which keywords to pursue, but will which headlines, images, etc. will work best to accompany your keyword choices. Check out my tutorial about Ahrefs. 4.) Long Tail Pro: This keyword tool is more robust than Google’s. Long Tail Pro looks at numerous variable that compares a keyword. It provides you with a simple score in order to determine keyword competitiveness.5.) UberSuggest: This is one of my favorite sites. It not only provides you with several variances of your keywords and includes a Google Trends chart of that keyword.6.) Mozbar: All in one SEO toolbar that you can download at Google Chrome Extension.


1.) NameCheap2.) Siteground

WordPress Themes & Plugins

1.) StudioPress 2.) ThriveThemes3.) Pushcrew4.) Copyright Proof5.) YoastSEOIn the event that you need assistance with creating your WordPress site, be sure to check out our Slay with WordPress course. 

80 Time Saving Tools to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Brand & Designs

1.) Canva: This is the BEST tool for people seeking to release their inner graphic design skills. You can create professionally designed documents and social media covers using this website. 2.) Adobe: As much as I LOVE Canva it does have limitations. Adobe is the tool to use in order to have complete freedom over how you choose to manipulate your designs.3.) Eye Dropper: This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to pick up color from a webpage.4.) Camtasia: If your goal is to make amazing videos and screencasts then look no further than Camtasia. However, if you’re on a budget use Screencast-o-matic.5.) PicMonkey: A great easy to use photo editor.6.) Creative Market:  One of my absolute favorite sites to purchase fonts, fills, patterns, icons and so much more! 7.) DaFonts: Great site to get fonts for free.

Content & Social Marketing 

1.) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer:This site will help you create attention grabbing headlines.2.) Grammarly: Online proofreading tool that checks text for grammar, punctuation, style and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector. Every blogger needs this installed on their website. Check out my review regarding Grammarly right here.2.) Recite: Great website to create original Instagram quotes on the go. 3.) OneNetworkDirect: This is a great network to join if you are looking for affiliates related to technology.4.) Buffer: One of my favorite social network sharing tools to use. Super affordable and provides great insights into your social networking activity.5.) Open Broadcaster Studio: Open source software for video recording and livestreaming.

80 Time Saving Tools to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Way to Monetize Your Site

1.) Amazon Affiliates: It goes without saying that Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. If you’re having issues trying to find an affiliate within your niche then check out Amazon. They have everything. 2.) ShareaSale: This is a popular affiliate company that many bloggers use. There are quite a few niche products and services on this site. 3.) OneNetworkDirect: This is a great network to join if you are looking for affiliates related to technology.


1.) Zapier: Automate actions across various devices (more robust than IFTT) 2.) Trello: Enables you to organize, prioritize and easily collaborate with others.3.) Instant WP: Allows you the ability to test out WordPress plugins and make changes in a test environment.4.) Pomodoro: This technique is one of the ways that I manage to stay organized. You can learn more about this method right here.5.) Google Drive: Cloud based method to store documents, videos, etc. There are affiliate links in this post. Please note that I only support products/services that I love and would benefit my audience.*

If you’re loving what I have shared so far, then be sure to sign up for the entire checklist right here. Are there any other websites or tools that are missing from the list? Be sure to share them with the rest of us! Did you enjoy this post? Don’t forget to pin and share this post! 🙂

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