Why I left MailChimp for Mailerlite

By Tosha Johnson | Content Marketing

Why I left MailChimp for Mailerlite -Complete Mailerlite Video Tutorial

When you make the decision to start a blog, your next move should be to start building your email list. An email list will allow you the opportunity to learn more about your audience’s needs so you can create content, products, etc. that will resolve their problems.

Building your mailing list is not an easy feat, so you need to make sure that the email service provider you choose works for you. MailChimp is the default email service provider bloggers choose because it’s free for the first 2K subscribers and relatively easy to use. Those were two of the main reasons why I chose MailChimp. In fact, that’s why I started creating MailChimp tutorials on automations and segments.

However, lately, I had been growing a bit frustrated with my most recent MailChimp email campaigns. I go into my reasoning more in the below video, but if you’re looking for the CliffsNotes version it’s because I noticed a dip in my open rates. I know there are a lot of factors that can go into this such as headlines, day and time of day sent, etc.

When you know you’re providing quality content, it’s extremely disheartening to see those types of results. Then I came across a couple posts on social media mentioning that MailChimp’s emails usually have low open rates because they tend to get stuck in spam or the promotion folder in Gmail.

Needless to say, I decided to “investigate” by taking a portion of my list and started to test  MailerLite.  I can honestly say that I’m upset that I didn’t switch to Mailerlite sooner! Not only were my open rates higher with Mailerlite, but there were a variety of other features that I feel Mailerlite does better than MailChimp.


Mailerlite’s interface has a much more modern user-friendly interface. The drag and drop builder and templates offer more aesthetically pleasing options that MailChimp (especially with the built-in photo editor). It’s a lot easier to locate features like creating segments, create forms, etc.

I can easily see how my email is going to look on a desktop or mobile. I’m able to schedule my emails to be delivered based on my subscriber’s time zone which is a feature that you have to pay extra for in MailChimp.

However, one of the features I’m most looking forward to is the tagging feature that Mailerlite literally just released the other day (I will be creating another follow up video regarding this feature very soon).


I like the reporting features in Mailerlite better than MailChimp mainly due to the interface appearance. Again, it’s easier to quickly locate and gather the information that I need.

The Click map is one of my favorite Mailerlite reporting features. The click map is a visual representation of all the links that your subscribers clicked on in your email campaign.


Even though MailChimp offers you the opportunity to have more subscribers on their free plan, you MailChimp is going to be much more expensive for you in the long run. Take a look at their pricing plan.

Why I left MailChimp for Mailerlite

Mailerlite offers 24/7 email support for ALL of their plans. MailChimp only offers support for their paid plans.


I already know that Mailerlite is awesome, so now it’s your turn to see for yourself. Sign up for Mailerlite click on this link to get started and watch the complete Mailerlite tutorial below. Don’t forget to download your free Email Series Automation Guide by clicking right here.

Mailerlite Video Key markers

  • My email marketing provider journey 7:45
  • Mailerlite Dashboard Walkthru 8:49
  • Campaign Walkthru 12:55
  • Create a folder 13:24
  • Subscriber group 14:17 to 24:21
  • Segment 17:18 to 21:12
  • Forms 24:55 to 37:16
  • Install Forms and locate Form URL 37:16 to 41:09
  • Landing pages 41:21 to 46:26
  • Automation 46:38 to 1:03
  • Regular Campaign 1:04 to
  • Schedule the campaign 1:08
  • Choose campaign Schedule1:11
  • A/B Split Campaign 1:12
  • Auto Resend 1:12:08
  • RSS Campaign 1:13:35

I’m curious to hear your thoughts about Mailerlite. Be sure to join us in the Goal Slayers Facebook Group and our Pinterest Board.



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