How to effectively generate leads with Interact quizzes-Part 2

By Tosha Johnson | Content Marketing

How to effectively generate leads with interact quizzes

If you're looking for a quick, cost effective lead magnet, then I highly suggest you incorporate quizzes into your marketing campaign. It's a free, subtle fun way to increase your mailing list. People love taking fun quizzes to see how accurate the quiz is and share there results with their friends.

In a previous post, I demonstrated all of the features that Interact's free version has to offer. I was impressed with the free version, but the premium version is where it's at people! I LOVE how Interact's quizzes allow you the ability to increase your brand's recognition while gaining insights about your consumers. 

Discover how Interact's premium version quizzes will help you easily convert your leads to customers.

Check out the below video and sign up for your free account right here.

Video Key Markers

Intro 0 to 6min
Choose a template 6
Create Optin Form 8:30
Customize Resuts Field 10:47
Customize Questions 13
Branding your quiz 16:31
Creating triggers for your quiz( connecting them to you email address 19:10
Create a group in Mailerlite 19:47
Create an automation 22
Create a trigger to connect to Mailerlite Group 24:20
Test integration 25:43
Promote your quiz 27
Install plugin 27:48

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