Episode 4 Passive Shirt Profit with Lisa Irby

By Tosha Johnson | Podcast


In episode 4, meet Lisa Irby of Passive Shirt Profits.

Lisa is a serial entrepreneur who's been making a living online since 2006. I can honestly tell you, she is the real deal. Seeing how successful Lisa’s online business is, I find it hard to believe that it was a fluke that got her online business started. Although Lisa has always loved tech, it wasn’t until 2006 that Lisa took the leap and quit her nine-to-five so she could work exclusively online.

Lisa is a born teacher. Lisa’s internet business allows her to combine the two things that she enjoys the most; teaching and working with computers. She found creative ways to scale her success and helps others to do the same via her print on demand courses.

As you can imagine, Lisa has plenty to say about launching a successful business, online myths regarding monetizing online, and much more!


Blog: Passive Shirt Profits

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