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How to Record a Podcast Interview with Zoom.

This video is a free trial from the Podcasting Essentials course. This course will enable you to learn how to create a high-quality podcast on a shoestring budget.

In this video, you will learn how to record a podcast interview with Zoom. Zoom’s conference room meeting feature is WAY more reliable than other tools that I have used. In the Podcasting Essentials course, I cover how I create my podcast using Zoom and Anchor.

  • You will also learn in the Podcasting Essentials course, how to do the following:
  • Learn how to record, edit (remove background noise, noise volume, etc.) and produce audio using Camtasia
  • How to promote your podcast using automation tools

Regardless of whether you are tech savvy, you would be surprised how easy it is for you to start your own podcast. Again, even if you don’t have a “fancy” mic, Zoom is an amazing application that will enable you to conduct high-quality interviews.

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Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to create, record, edit and promote your podcast.

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